Monarch Super Strength LENTINEX – β-Glucan w/ Emu Oil CBD 2500mg Cream (Real Kola)


  • Immune-modifying ingredient which can reduce scaling, itching and irritated skin.
  • 100% natural ingredients with no detected side effects.
  • No cortisone and parabenes, which can cause thin, damaged and irritated skin.
  • Quickly absorbed.
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Moisturising cream for sufferers psoriasis and eczema

LENTINEX – β-Glucan  is a emollient moisturizer for people suffering from psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin complaints. Daily application makes the skin smoother and softer, with increased elasticity. Those with skin problems have reported a vast, speedy improvement in their skin.

Over 85% of LENTINEX – β-Glucan users with psoriasis reported an improvement in their symptoms, and a higher proportion with their eczema.

Monarch CBD’s philosophy is to enhance health & well-being through the scientifically-researched use of LENTINEX – β-Glucans bringing relief to the itch-scratch cycle.

For adults and children, LENTINEX – β-Glucan is the cosmetic that is simple, natural and effective moisturizing skin cream originally developed and produced in Norway and is recommended by health care professionals. It is based on a natural active ingredient – a triple-helix β-Glucan, which is extremely effective against psoriasis symptoms, such as scaly, itchy and irritated skin.

LENTINEX – β-Glucan was tested at the London Clinic of Dermatology. The patented triple helix β-Glucan found in LENTINEX  is an immune-modifying ingredient that can reduce scaling, itchiness, and irritation of the skin. Daily application helps make the skin smoother and softer, with increased elasticity.

The cream has 100% natural ingredients. LENTINEX – β-Glucan’s are non-steroidal and ZERO parabens.


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